If Flute repair is what you’re looking for, look no further! The Windy City Flutes repair division, led by Michelle Spindler, offers the best in Straubinger, Muramatsu, and standard Flute repair services. Whether you’re just looking for a Clean, Oil, and Adjust (COA) or a full customization, we can help you.

What is COA? (Clean, Oil and Adjust)?

This is the basic service for a professional level Flute. The technician will completely
disassemble the Flute, unpin the keys, and clean the rods. Any tarnish will be removed by hand polishing or buffing. New oil is applied. The Flute and keys are then reassembled, and final adjustments are made. The COA is completed with a playing test.

How often should I have my Flute serviced?

It is recommended that you have a COA completed at least once per year to keep your Flute in its best playing condition. If the Flute is in frequent use, it may need a second COA throughout the year.


High E Facilitator

Having trouble with your High E? If you don’t have a Flute with a Split E mechanism, a High E Facilitator can be installed. It is a circular tonehole insert epoxied inside the lower G tonehole. This can easily be installed or removed by or technicians.

Pre-Pro: $280

Pro: $340

      ** This does not include cleaning, any pad 

           replacement,or tonehole work.

Felt Pads: $1150

Straubinger or Specialty Pads: $1400

Starting at $140

      ** This does not include cleaning, any pad 

           replacement,or tonehole work.


Playing Condition (PC)
Clean, Oil and Adjust (COA)
Pro Overhaul

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